Birthday Lunch – Harry’s Seafood in Wilmington {Delaware YUM}

Oven Roasted Arctic Char with carnival cauliflower, radish hash, lump crabmeat, and butternut squash puree

Since being back home in Delaware, I have been to Harry’s Seafood in Wilmington a few times and, as I wrote this, I realized that each time has been for a birthday! This last time was no exception as we gathered to celebrate my kiddo’s 20th birthday. Yes. 2-0. And enter the befuddlement of where the time has gone. Seriously. He was 4 last week, I am sure of it!

Harry’s Seafood is located on the Riverfront in Wilmington and boasts a gorgeous patio when the weather is warm enough to enjoy it. Since it was chilly for our visit, we tucked in next to the fireplace inside.

Lunch specials feature seasonal creations, as well as several two course options for $15. The raw bar is highly, and I mean highly, recommended. Oyster and clam lovers unite! We indulged in a plate of West coast oysters (swoon) and a raw clams on the half shell (and swoon again).

The servers are all committed, expert on the menu, and a delight. Big thanks to Bahiya who made our most recent visit extra special!

I have not encountered a dish that I did not like at any of my visits. The quality of the seafood, preparation, and presentation is superb. There were a few highlights, including the steamed mussels in red curry sauce chosen by the birthday boy. The red curry sauce invited multiple passes around the table so everyone could dip the warm, fresh-baked bread into the curry. The mussels were plump and very, very happy in the red curry and we were very, very happy to eat them.

I had one of the daily (and seasonal) specials: Oven Roasted Arctic Char with carnival cauliflower, radish hash, lump crabmeat, and butternut squash puree. The fish was perfectly cooked and the only disappointment is that I did not have more of the radish hash.

Other dishes that were lunch successes: Blackened Scallop Cobb Salad, Lobster Roll, and the Calamari Salad.

We wrapped with a lovely lava cupcake that was adorned for the kiddo’s birthday and delivered with a candle. SO sweet in all ways and a perfect end to a great lunch.

Harry’s Seafood is a wonderful special occasion spot, as well as lunch or dinner in the city. And I mentioned the raw bar, right?

Enjoy and if you have already been, tell me what you had!

Calamari Salad

New England Clam Chowder

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  1. Richard Marcotte says:

    Love Harrys. The cool thing is it is only about two blocks from the Amtrack station, and is only a short hour train ride from downtown Philadelphia. I used Harry’s as my excuse to visit Delawsre, and make it my 49th state. Does any one have a suggestion for Bismarck, ND?

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