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My name is Kimberly Moore and I am the The Hungry Goddess Herself. As a culinary adventuress & Empress of Edible Experiences, I am on a mission to create tantalizing, healthy flavor profiles, share awesome recipes, inspire mindful eating, and weave delicious food stories. I may be considered a brussels sprout & beet stalker and a bit zoodle obsessed. In my world, cherries & chocolate are complete food groups and no one eats until I photograph the food. The Hungry Goddess is Food for the Ravenous Soul and the Awakened Mind and my motto is Taste Everything.

I am Hungry.  I am a passionate person and I translate that passion into life … and food … and experiences … and travel!  I will always take the road that ensures a good meal and since I am always hungry, I always stop to eat.

I am a Foodie, a Cook, a Food Writer, & a Recipe Creator.  I was raised by two parents who are avid gourmands and cooks.  I learned passion for great food at a young age.  Eating out, strolling through farmers markets and specialty food stores were all a large part of my childhood – my parents exposed me to incredible experiences that I have appreciated more deeply as I continue on my food journey.

Food Experiences collage Hungry GoddessFood is a central experience in my life – I love to eat it, tweet it, photograph it, write about it, experience it, and discover new foods or recipes.  Chefs are rock stars in my world and the combination of flavors is a ballet that never bores me. Food is also how I manage my personal health challenges; maintain a mind, body, and spirit balance; and tap into all of my senses. Browsing markets and tromping through farm fields rate at favorite things to do. The kitchen is always the center of my home.

Writing and Photography are central passions in my life – The Hungry Goddess is the marriage of my passions and experiences: eating and communicating, creating and expressing.  Cooking is meditation and I bliss out behind my camera lens. To be able to share the joys and processes and inspire others delights me.

Professionally, I create social media strategies for companies, create recipes and campaigns for food brands, and run an online teaching platform. I also work with women and solopreneurs on a professional and personal basis to unlock the creative potential in their lives and expand their online businesses. Women’s lifestyle, spirituality, wellness, and food are my bliss niches. Creativity, passion, and high energy are my Super Powers!

Kimberly Bio picsPersonally, I live in South Florida – Now back “home” in Delaware! – with my teenage son and two kitties. My days are filled with words, mantras, photos, recipe ideas, and Goddesses.  Strong coffee, lip gloss, and books are mandatory in life, and wandering Whole Foods is one of my weekly therapeutic exercises.

Thank you for being here and connecting with The Hungry Goddess! Cheers to sharing our food adventures!

If you are a brand, company, or PR agent, I love collaborating and working with you to benefit us both. Contact me.


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You can connect with me further at:

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ShaktiWomyn.com (personal site)

TheMotherHouseoftheGoddess.com (Women’s Spirituality)

Mystery School of the Goddess (online learning platform)

If you have any questions, please contact me!

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  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I work with Chile Olive Oil and am so happy to see all the positive comments! I wanted to touch base with you about another client of ours and see if you’d be interested in doing a review/giveaway. Designed to be the ultimate natural popcorn, Boomchickapop contains only three ingredients (popcorn, sunflower oil, sea salt) and has just 35 calories per crunchy cup. It’s not only fun to say, but it’s a guilt-free snack. Perfect for your desk or to sneak into the movie theater (who needs all that butter?), Boomchickapop is filling a niche in the snack aisle. I’d love to send you a bag to munch on and offer a pack of Boomchickapop (that’s 5 bags) for a winner. We are looking to bump up our newly launched Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/boomchickapop, so tying the giveaway to the page would be awesome.

    If you’re interested, let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to trying some of your Chile Olive Oil recipes!!


  2. Guno Ronde says:

    Hey Kimberly,i am wondering if u are the person i use to know
    I use to play the bass and keyboard with Ismael and the peace makets
    And Aaron Fishbein.i know that ur dad owned a fish matket
    .if is you respond to my email.Thanks

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