Martinis for Breakfast and Brunch from The Martini Diva

I could say that every breakfast should start with martinis but Child Services would probably show up on my doorstep.  Instead, I will say that some breakfast-times or more correctly, brunches should start with Martinis. And today is Martini Monday so most certainly anything you do today should start with a Martini, right? Since the […] Read more »

Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Martini for #MartiniMonday

Yes, we are having a Chile Olive Oil extravaganza this week in honor of our #HGEATS Chile Olive Oil Party so, of course, we cannot leave Martini Monday without sharing this incredible martini recipe from the grand re-opening part of Olives, Chef Todd English’s flagship restaurant in Charlestown, Massachusetts. The Chile Olive Oil martini was […] Read more »

#MartiniMonday – Herbal Thyme Martini

Summer makes me think herbs and relaxation and I love cocktails that have an herbal infusion or garnish element. Belvedere Vodka has put together a lovely recipe for one of those cocktails – even better, martinis!  Do you have a fresh thyme plant?  Use your own thyme to infuse this cocktail with pure summer! The combination […] Read more »