Red White and Blue Berrylicious Smoothie Bowl for Sunday Supper by The Hungry Goddess

Red, White, and Blue Berrylicious Smoothie Bowl for #SundaySupper

Share374 Pin200 Tweet +114 Stumble ShareShares 588 Summertime means a bounty of berries and cherries! What better way to celebrate Fourth of July weekend (or any summer weekend!) than with a coconut smoothie bowl adorned with raspberries, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries? Each bite is like a little firework of sweet, tart, and coconut and a […] Read more »

Red White and Blue Salad for July 4th by The Hungry Goddess

Red, White, and Blue Summer Salad with Naturally Fresh Brand Ginger Dressing

Share906 Pin8 Tweet +11 Stumble ShareShares 915 Summer is here and it is hot! My summer has been all about brainstorming recipes for smoothies and salads to take advantage of summer harvests and to stay cool. Many fruits and veggies are also naturally hydrating and are great heat-busters for summer snacks and gatherings. I am […] Read more »


Healthy Party Foods for Summer

Share Pin Tweet +1 Stumble ShareShares 0 We have all been to those holiday parties where the only food to really enjoy is packed to the brim with calories, or so greasy that you can practically see yourself grimacing at the thought of eating it in the reflection of the oil. Don’t be that person […] Read more »