Boosting the Solar Plexus Chakra and a Dragon Fruit, Coconut, Mango Smoothie Bowl with Kiwi, Raspberries, and Flax Seed Recipe

Dragon Fruit from Friedas Produce on The Hungry Goddess

I have been dragging a bit lately. Long work days, a few stressful weeks (months even), and the crazy planetary dance that seems to be sitting on my head have taken their toll. Rather than laying in bed, eating Ring Dings all day, and watching the Real Housewives from Hell duke it out in endless reruns, I chose to take back my “power”. Dragon Fruit, coconut, and mango smoothie bowl to the rescue!

Wednesday brought a delightful delivery from Frieda’s Produce to the door: dragon fruit, kiwi, feijoa (pineapple guava), kumquats, and fresh turmeric! The colors, textures, and flavors inspired brainstorms of quick, healthy ways to use the exotic bounty. I decided to take some of these goodies and focus on the solar plexus chakra, the seat of our personal power, the chakra responsible for digestion, and the energetic center for balance. Key words for the solar plexus chakra are will, courage, power, self-esteem, inspiration, charisma, and action.

The Sanskrit word chakra means “wheel” and there are seven major chakras, plus more minor chakras such as in the hands and feet. These chakras, wheels, are in constant motion when they are happy and healthy. As they spin, they generate vortexes of energy that work with our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Read a quick overview of the chakras here

Dragon Fruit and Mango Smoothie with Kiwi Raspberries and Coconut Smoothie Bowl by The Hungry Goddess

The colors for the solar plexus chakra are sunny yellows, golds, and lighter shades of orange. Raw foods, plant-based foods, foods that match the color of different chakras are mini-boosts not only to our physical body, but help us sync with the vibration of each energy center. Bring on the sun!

Dragon Fruit and Mango Smoothie with Kiwi on the Hungry Goddess

Dragon fruit paired with mango gives us a perfect vibrational color to match our solar plexus chakra. Just looking at the gorgeous yellow-orange brings to mind sunshine, glow, the beach, and happy feelings!

Dragon fruit is full of antioxidants and other phytonutrients: vitamin C (equivalent to 10 percent of the daily value), polyunsaturated (good) fatty acids, calcium, and several B vitamins for carbohydrate metabolism, as well as carotene and protein.

Mango is a healthy superfruit that has some great nutritional benefits as well (from

  • One cup of mangos is just 100 calories, so it’s a satisfyingly sweet treat.
  • Each serving of mango is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free.
  • Mangos contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, helping to make them a superfood.

I used Silk Coconut Milk, my new smoothie favorite, to bring in a tropical flavor and additional calcium, as well as some organic coconut flakes on top. Adding kiwi and raspberries brought a lovely tang that balanced the sweeter dragon fruit and mango. I also added some flax seed (another golden solar plexus food) to up the nutrition!

Dragon Fruit and Mango Smoothie Bowl with Coconut Milk and Tropical Fruit by The Hungry Goddess

The Dragon Fruit, Coconut, Mango smoothie was a hit, both as a smoothie to sip and a smoothie bowl to eat! And I got a lovely energy bump that powered me through my afternoon. Solar plexus chakra power and cheers to golden foods!

What do you eat for an energy boost?

Happy long weekend to all!

Ingredients (makes enough for 1 smoothie and bowl so double to share):

  • 1 Dragon Fruit – peel cut and flesh rough chopped
  • 1 cup of frozen mango
  • 1/2 cup of Silk Coconut Milk
  • 1 tablespoon of flax seed
  • 1 kiwi sliced
  • Organic coconut flakes
  • handful of raspberries


Add dragon fruit, frozen mango, coconut milk, and flax seed to your blender and pulse until smooth. Add more coconut milk to have a thinner consistency, but the 1/2 cup was perfect for a thick smoothie bowl. Add whatever toppings you like to the smoothie bowl! Enjoy!

Dragon Fruit Mango Smoothie with Raspberries and Kiwi by The Hungry Goddess


Dragon Fruit and Mango Smoothie with Tropical Fruit and Coconut by The Hungry Goddess


***Thanks to Frieda’s Produce for providing the awesome fruit for this smoothie bowl


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  1. Mmmmm… What a delicious smoothie bowl! So good!
    Rodrigo Pittman recently – Top Tomato Fertilizer: Secret RecipesMy Profile

  2. Tarun Mishra says:

    I tried Dragon fruit smoothie for a week and noticed a drastic boost in my decision making abilities. Very helpful!!!
    Please advise something for crown chakra also.

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