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HGEATS Radio Summer Ice Cream and Pie with Jenni Field Pastry Chef Online and The Hungry Goddess

When I think of summer treats, there are two things that leap to mind … ice cream and pie. Summer berries, stone fruits, homemade ice cream, gelato … and preferably, the two of them together.

Following the Hungry Goddess logic, when I think of ice cream and pie, I also think of my friend and sister food blogger, Jenni Field – Pastry Chef Online. ALL of her food is amazing, but she creates ice cream and pies that are simply out of this world. Like Hungry Goddess Ice Cream, JUST because of this podcast! Jenni makes me swoon and her recipes will make you drool so TUNE IN (or listen to the archive) as we spend an hour talking about summer ice cream and pies.

After you save the date, or for any reason at all, you want to go over and see the incredible Hungry Goddess Ice Cream creation … Chocolate Cherry Almond Gelato with White Chocolate Stracciatella … I bow to the awesome creations of Jenni Field!


Join us at 12 noon eastern on July 8 for an hour full of delicious! 

Tune in LIVE online on Blogtalk Radio or dial in by phone to listen: (347) 945-5979

Link to listen to the archive

Jenni FieldMore about Jenni Field – Pastry Chef Online:

My name is Jenni Field, and I have been baking and experimenting in the kitchen for over twenty-five years.  I so enjoyed my culinary hobby that, after teaching special education for sixteen years, I ran away to attend culinary school for Patisserie and Baking.

I started this site and blog to teach you how to cook and bake, not just walk you through the steps of what to do to make a certain dish.  All cooking is based on techniques and methods that stand across a myriad of recipes.  Therefore, if you can learn the techniques and methods, a Vast Panoply of cooking is suddenly accessible.

Since teaching is in my blood, I really am here to help.  Leave a comment, send an email and/or become a fan on facebook.  I promise to answer all your most burning baking, pastry and yes, even cooking, questions.  Even if I have to do a bit of Research to do it.

Jenni’s recipe index

Jenni Field’s Pastry Chef Online on Facebook

Shop with Jenni (she has the BEST recommendations!)

Chocolate Cherry Almond Gelato with White Chocolate Stracciatella


Do you want more ice cream? Of course you do, see all of Jenni’s frozen desserts here!

Strawberry Cheesecake Key Lime Marshmallow Ice Cream for Ice Cream Tuesday … HOLLAH!

Jenni Field Ice Cream

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