White Bean Sausage and Kale Soup with Sauteed Leeks Recipe

White Bean Sausage Leek and Kale Soup for the Hungry Goddess by the Home Cooking Goddess

Bright simple flavors, and on-hand ingredients make this light and healthy soup a great choice for busy days. It was my perfect lunch solution for a chilly and damp Spring day. Substitute your favorite sausage, use onions instead of leeks, or use homemade chicken or vegetable broth as substitutions. White bean sausage and kale soup has only 5 main ingredients and comes together in a snap! Enjoy!

Ingredients (Makes 4 Servings):

  • 1 box – 32 oz. low sodium chicken broth, or home-made broth
  • 4 – 6 inch piece of chicken sausage removed from casing and sauteed (or your favorite sausage)
  • 1 leek sliced thinly into rounds, white part only
  • 1 can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
  • 3 cups finely chopped kale leaves (stems removed)
  • salt, pepper, & red pepper flakes to preferred taste


  1. Remove sausage from casing and brown in a little swirl of olive oil in a 2.5 quart pan.
  2. Once browned, add sliced leek rounds to pan and saute until translucent.
  3. Add chicken broth and bring to simmer.
  4. Drain and rinse 1 can cannellini beans and add to pot.
  5. Rinse and de-stem approximately 4-6 kale leaves (Approx. 3 cups). Chop kale into fine strips and then again crosswise. Add to pan.
  6. Bring soup to a boil and taste for seasonings needed. Once kale is a nice bright green and wilted the soup is ready to serve. Enjoy!
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  1. Lovely. Sounds yummy and quite healthy.
    Minnie@thelady8home recently posted..Boys in girls team and Firecracker salmon with Tequila sauceMy Profile

    • Sara Teixido - Home Cooking Goddess says:

      Thank you Minnie! It’s an easy recipe to have on hand for a crunch-time meal that needs to be on the table in minutes! Easy substitutions as well to make it to suit your taste.

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