Bison Burgers with Provolone and Mushrooms Recipe


Bison Burger with Provolone Cheese and Mushrooms from The Hungry Goddess

After my amazingly delicious and nostalgic roadtrip to Delaware, I was happy to get home to the Hungry Goddess kitchen.  Thanksgiving was scrumptious but I was craving just some plain cooking.  No fuss.  I dug in the freezer and came up with some ground bison (SCORE!) and picked up some fresh ‘shrooms at the market.  Pretzel buns from Trader Joe’s made this a suppppper easy dinner that was a big kiddo hit too.

Bison is becoming my favorite red meat and it is a healthy swap for beef.  I love it in spicy chili but the bison steaks are my absolute fave. Bison is normally grass-fed and has far less antibiotics and hormones that may be in the beef you are eating.

A 100 grams serving of bison meat — about 3.5 ounces , or about 1/4 pounds — contains about 146 calories. This makes it one of the lowest-calorie meats. A similar serving of 90 percent lean beef contains about 176 calories, while pork contains about 218 calories and turkey contains about 149 calories. Even venison, another very lean meat, contains more calories per serving, with 158.

One serving of buffalo meat contains 7.21 grams of fat, and about 55 milligrams of cholesterol. To put that in perspective, the same size serving of 90 percent lean beef contains about 10 grams of fat, and about 65 milligrams of cholesterol. Livestrong

Make Bison Burgers the same way that you make your favorite hamburger!  Fry them up or pop them on the grill, melt the cheese (provolone was YUM!), and add sauteed mushrooms.  You don’t need a recipe, right?  Nahhhh … let’s eat!

Onion rings and waffle fries from Alexia foods and coleslaw rounded out the dinner.  Cheers!

psssst Bison Brew Organic Chocolate Stout pairs quite nicely with a bison burger.  I could not resist!

Bison Burgers with Chocolate Stout from The Hungry Goddess


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