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Find me a perch at a gorgeous vineyard overlooking gorgeous green valleys of Napa or Sonoma.  Let me cruise the countryside with no other care in the world than to find the next best tasting room.  Banter with me about microclimates and soils, appellations and vintages.  Distill my focus to the buzz of a delicious wine and the bees amongst the vines.  Are you with me?

Until I find that perch and I am exploring those vineyards, I will console myself with the next best thing – the California Wine Club!

I am tickled to the tips of my wine-loving toes to be participating in a fabulous #FNICHAT Wine Tasting Twitter Chat on 4/28 hosted by Cooking with Caitlin and featuring the California Wine Club and to offer an opportunity for you to win a 3-month subscription to the California Wine Club’s Premier Series Wine of the Month Club (valued at $154).

The concept of the California Wine Club totally appeals to my love of trying different wines without breaking the bank.  Bruce and Pam Boring (founders of the California Wine Club) make it easy for all of us to experience exceptional wines from small family-owned wineries.  They have 5 levels available in their Wine of the Month clubs and each one is a personal recommendation from Bruce and Pam that arrives right on your doorstep.

As part of the #FNICHAT, I received my delightful package for review and to celebrate Wine Wednesday, I will be sharing my impressions with you!  CHEERS 🙂

Wine Tasting Giveaway from The Hungry Goddess
Everyone is a winner with excellent coupon codes from California Wine Club good through May 22:

Club25: This is good for $25 off your first box (or a case or gifts!)

Club4for2: Double your membership: 4 bottles for the price of two

AND Here is where YOU get to enter to win THREE MONTHS of gorgeous packages like the one at the top of the post to your doorstep!

Make sure you join us on Monday, April 28 for the Wine Tasting #FNICHAT from 4pm to 5:30pm edt on Twitter!
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**Note for the giveaway: CaWC ships to the US only, including HI and AK, and the recipient must be 21 years old .


Deep thoughts on The California Wine Club

In their ongoing effort to distinguish themselves, the folks at The California Wine Club reached out to a savvy group of wine, food, and entertaining bloggers for their takes on The Club. They packaged up their California wines, shipped them throughout the country…and then braced themselves for candor.

The following posts are the result of the blogger campaign. Read on for the thoughtful reviews and brilliant ideas on how to really enjoy a California Wine Club subscription — from cork-removal, to cheese pairings, to giveaways, The Club and these bloggers have you covered. Enjoy:


California Wine ClubMore about the California Wine Club:

How and why was The California Wine Club started?

California is home to thousands of small family wineries handcrafting extraordinary wine in quantities too limited to be found in local stores or shops. In 1990, wine club founders Bruce and Pam Boring discovered that these winemaking families were the most passionate in the wine world and that their wines were the hidden gems of wine country. The wine club has since distinguished itself by taking great care in selecting only the finest wineries as partners and by featuring only the best wine from each.


Why the focus on small wineries?
Smaller production wineries are usually more about  “passion” and less about “profit”. They are hands-on, dedicated farmers who spend their days doing what they love — making great wine — that’s their single goal! Most of these wineries are too small to distribute on a large scale, so The California Wine Club brings these magnificent wines to you. You’ll never have to miss out on some incredible wines just because you don’t live in the area!


How do small wineries benefit from being featured by The California Wine Club?

Seventy to eighty percent of California’s wineries are “mom & pop” operations producing between 5,000 and 15,000 cases per year . These small wineries often have very little time and budget for marketing or distribution. That is where The California Wine Club comes in. We introduce their wine, name and story to thousands of wine lovers with one shipment.

“We are grateful for The California Wine Club’s support of California’s small family winemakers. By featuring these small wineries, sharing their stories and their wines with wine enthusiasts across America, The California Wine Club has extended the presence of Family Winemakers of California and its members far beyond the scope of our own outreach efforts.” – Paul Kronenberg, President, Family Winemakers of California

What has made you so successful?
Since 1990 we have been steadily growing our wine of the month club, mostly due to referrals by happy wine club members. Our secret is that nobody loses, everybody wins! Our wine of the month club members win by getting to experience great wine they can’t find in their local area. Our wineries win because they get some wonderful exposure to thousands of wine enthusiasts!


Why join a wine club versus purchasing at my local grocery store?
Selecting a great bottle of wine from thousands of pretty labels with a variety of price ranges in traditional wine stores is a difficult task even for the most passionate of wine enthusiasts

With a wine shop or grocery store you never really know what you’re going to get. By joining a wine club like The California Wine Club, you are ensured that the wine has been tasted and “vetted” for you. We are like friends recommending great wine to other friends!” Every wine we feature comes from a real-working artisan winery. And with our 100% guarantee you are assured “never to get burned. Most of the bottles found on wine store shelves are “bulk wines” and when you get a bad bottle, you can’t return it to the store.


What makes The California Wine Club different from other wine clubs?
We personally visit each winery, meet the families, the winemakers and then select two bottles of their best. You can be assured that every wine comes from a small, real-working winery. No private label and no bulk wine… ever! Our credo? We will ship only wines that we would serve in our home to family and friends.


Where is The California Wine Club located?
Like the family-owned wineries we introduce to you each month, we too are a small, family-owned business located in Ventura, California just south of Santa Barbara. We operate out of our own building with 20 full time employees. Our wine consultants are here answering the phone, our marketing team is onsite, and our warehouse crew pack and ship every wine we feature. Frequently, wineries stop by for a special tasting of their wines with our staff so we can give our customers the latest winery/wine information. It is an honor for us to be here and to help support many of America’s most vibrant small business owners: the artisan wineries!

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  1. Amy johnson says:

    I have so many wine moments! One favorite moment is a weekend long and it was a trip to Napa with a friend. Great wines and food and so much fun!

  2. Sophia says:

    Wine makes a nice gift for a friend who entertains. My parents would love a membership in the California Wine Club! And, I admit that I buy wine by the coolness of the label, so good recommendations would certainly help.

  3. Arline says:

    My favorite wine moment was when we had no cork screw and were like an hour trying to open the bottle

  4. Lara says:

    Oh yes … best giveaway ever – and thank you!

  5. When there’s wine involved they are all favorite moments!
    The Food Hunter recently posted..Eating Whole Foods: Dark Chocolate Creamsicle Bundt CakeMy Profile

  6. Meryl says:

    Thanks – I love wine!

  7. Rachel Cartucci says:

    I was invited to a very classy party which was being held at some well known wealthy people in my town..I invited my sister along as my date. Well,we were having a very nice evening but we felt out of place….so we just kept drinking the great red wines they had to calm us a bit. My sister had way too much to drink and stumbled while holding a glass of wine…and spilled the whole glass on this gorgeous white sofa…we were so humiliated! It turned out well,no one sued us or anything…but we weren’t invited back. ha!

  8. Oh so many moments! I just love when I’m with friends especially when there is a good cheese plate around!

  9. Tricia Meyer says:

    I think my favorite Wine Moment was when my husband and I visited Sonoma a few years ago. We had a stop at a winery where we were able to get cheese and fruit and wine and eat on picnic tables under big, beautiful trees. It is truly a memory that I will always cherish. Good food…new friends. No kids!!


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