Yummy Brunch at dba Cafe in Fort Lauderdale!

dba cafe in Fort Lauderdale Florida

One of the foodie destinations during my October eating fest was dba Cafe in Union Planters Plaza in Fort Lauderdale for a lovely brunch.  The weather cooperated and we were able to sit outside and enjoy noshing our way through the delicious brunch menu.  There are several tables outside dba Cafe for dining AND Union Planters Plaza has some exciting construction going on that will expand the outdoor experience not only for dba Cafe but for the whole plaza.

My delightful brunch companions were Aileen from Newsy Parents and Maria from Adventures of The Foodaholic so not only was the food excellent, so was the company.

While I appreciate breakfasty style brunches, I also like some savory choices and dba had a great assortment of both.

My heart and tummy were completely won over with the insanely creamy Burrata salad with tomatoes and Balsamic.  It was so good that I was tempted to have another plate but decided to go for the omelette instead.  Just writing about the Burrata makes my mouth water!

Burrata with Tomatoes Basil and Balsamic from dba Cafe in Fort Lauderdale

In order to experience all of the scrumptious offerings for brunch, we each ordered a different main dish and then, in true foodie fashion photographed and tasted all of them.  I picked the Chorizo and Gruyere Omelette with Home Fries.  So.  Let me state this for the record – these were the best home fries that I have ever had.  They were crunchy, seasoned well and complemented the omelette exactly right.  The combo of Chorizo and Gruyere was brilliant and one that I plan on repeating.  Often.

Chorizo Gruyere Omelette with Home Fries from dba Cafe Fort Lauderdale

Maria ordered the Eggs Benedict which also came with a side of those delish home fries.  The Eggs Benedict was good but I liked mine better.  HA 🙂 – sorry, the omelette was that awesome.

Eggs Benedict from dba Cafe in Fort Lauderdale

Aileen had a plate full of droolworthy black beans, and a perfectly fried egg draped over the Chimichurri Steak.  In South Florida, black beans better be good because Cuban black beans and rice pretty much set the bar WAY HIGH.  I am happy to report that we all thought the black beans were seasoned very well and met that very high bar.  Once the fried egg yolked over the dish, it was happy mouthful time!

Fried Egg and Chimichurri Steak with Black Beans and Rice from dba Cafe

Chimichurri Steak and Eggs from dba Cafe Fort Lauderdale

One would imagine that we were stuffed at this point.  And we were, but not SO stuffed that we couldn’t indulge in the Cheesecake French Toast.  Let me repeat that – CHEESECAKE FRENCH TOAST.  My intention to avoid sugar went right out the window – I couldn’t resist and the dish was the cherry on our Sunday Brunch at dba Cafe!

Cheesecake French Toast dba Cafe

The atmosphere of dba Cafe is cool – they have a great bar, good servers and Chef Steven Zobel in the kitchen creating.  The owners are also present and very hands on – I love that commitment.  dba Cafe is in a great location on Federal Highway between Oakland Park and Sunrise with a Whole Foods practically next door and a Barnes and Noble across the street.  Union Planters Plaza has a lot of great plans that will be unveiled in time for season this year so connect with them on Facebook to keep up with events at dba Cafe and the other shops nearby.

Schedule some time to stop into dba Cafe – brunch, their newly launched lunch and dinner!  And Wasabi Bloody Marys (on my must try list!)!

PLUS … you don’t want to miss Wine Wednesday at dba Cafe, especially on November 13 when Maria and I are hosting a WINE WEDNESDAY TAKEOVER!  

Email me for details if you want to come and experience wine, great food and dba Cafe on 11/13.

Connect with dba Cafe – they have tons of events and specials!

dba Cafe website

dba Cafe on Facebook

@dbacafe on twitter

See you at dba Cafe soon!

Maria from Adventures of the Foodaholic at dba Cafe

Maria from Adventures of the Foodaholic at dba Cafe

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    Anyone who uses the word yummy has zero credibility.

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