The Hungry Goddess Signature Dirty Martini with 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix

The Hungry Goddess Signature Extra Dirty Martini

Root Vegetables are the #HGEATS theme this week and how could we let root vegetable week pass without a cocktail?  hellloooooo – VODKA!

One of my favorite cocktails of all time is a Vodka Dirty Martinimake that extra dirty.  Shaken.  Not Stirred.  Bond and I hang.

I am also a bit of a purist in that I like my vodka pure and unadulterated, meaning no vermouth.  My Vodkas of choice are (in order of preference):  X Rated Vodka, Absolut, Skyy Vodka and Stolichnaya.

I take the shaker and fill it with chipped ice.  I pour in my vodka.  I pour in my 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix (pure olive mix and puts everything else to shame).  Then I mash some olives and stuff them in there too.

I shake.  and shake.  and shake some more.

Sometimes, I take lovely, big, huge Queen olives without the pimentos and I stuff them with my favorite bleu cheese.  FULL.  Sometimes, I just go with the olives I have on hand.

I pour the iced dirty martini from the shaker into my glass and add my olives.

1888 Dirtiest Martini MixOne sip.

ahhhhhhh BLISS.


More about the 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix (from a previous review that I did):

Ditch the over-the-counter martini brine mixes taste like the ocean (including fish scales) has just been dumped into my martini.

1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix is REAL olive brine – unadulterated and unapologetic and, most importantly, OLIVE-Y.  (Yes, that is a word as of right now).  Their name honors the first year that martinis appeared in the New and Improved Bartending Manual.

1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix is created using a revolutionary one-ton press to extract the olive juice from whole Spanish olives; Revolutionary because no one else is doing it and Revolutionary because that pressed olive juice is the key to making the perfect Dirty Martini.

Need a healthy justification to drink Dirty Martinis? 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix is so pure that it only has 60% of the sodium content and includes all of the healthy benefits of olives like antioxidants and cholesterol-lowering trace oils.

Martinis should not be messed with – get it right with 1888 and the signature Hungry Goddess shake!

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  1. Kimberly,

    Typically this legally-Bond martini connoisseur enjoys this cocktail so dirty the vodka almost blushes. Imagine my satisfaction when I prepared your recipe for visiting tipplers this evening (found the 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix at a gourmet wine market) to glowing reviews. So good even Goldfinger would approve. You’re spot on — the 1888 makes other mixes taste like a gulp of an old seawater aquarium. Bravo!

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