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a taste of dawnThere are times that you encounter people that you admire tremendously simply by watching them work and evolve and create – Dawn Garcia is one of those people for me.  I remember the first time (over a year ago) that I saw her site and thought – “oh!  this is pretty” and then I was sucked in by her passion and her writing skills.


Watching A Taste of Dawn evolve into this gorgeous magazine full of fascinating interviews has been inspiring.  She is a single Mom with a beautiful kiddo and writing a screenplay and juggling all of these incredible projects and just makes me say WOW.  I am so tickled to introduce Dawn to you … please connect with her and let’s watch the continued evolution of A Taste of Dawn together.  I know great things are coming!



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dawn garciaAbout Dawn:  Dawn has been writing for 20 years, however she began Food Writing in 2010 after being asked to write a Review for a Local Magazine. Thus began her “Story” of Dining Out. With a background in Film, Creative Writing, and Media, Dawn’s passion always comes down to words. She believes the power of words and story can transcend simplicity and create extraordinary. Having dined all around the world ignited something within: 4 Continents and 17 Countries later, every plate has a history and more importantly – a voice. Dawn’s approach to dining out is not simply to critique the food. She believes that the Entire Dining Experience should be unforgettable from decor and ambiance to food and service.


With a deep love of Art, Photography, Food, Wine, Hotels, and Travel, “ATOD Magazine: A Taste of Dawn” was created to help readers find a unique (and honest) guide to Restaurants, Visionaries, Artists, Hotels, Chefs, and Events around the globe:


“My pen is my voice. The keyboard my outlet. I have been writing since I picked up my first pencil. Words are my refuge. I can be anyone I want, I can speak without restriction, I can be bold. I have two 13-gallon bins filled with random things I’ve written since I was 12. I write about the things I am passionate about. The world, eating, breathing, art, photography, film, injustice. Writing is my oxygen. It nurtures my soul. As to how my journey began with ATOD, well – dining out has always been a phenomena to me. It’s extraordinary!


Eating out when we were kids was an absolute TREAT! We would get so excited if we knew we were going to a restaurant. Something about knowing we could order whatever we wanted seemed like Christmas come early. As we get older, ‘Eating Out’ takes on an entirely different meaning. Food becomes our escape, a memory made or shared with friends and people we love, it becomes the catalyst in an important business meeting, or even the excuse we need to have a little abandon. However I believe there is still a kid within us all. The little voice that sees a menu and secretly gets excited that the possibilities are endless and our saving grace is, we actually know what’s good. Eating out is simply life’s way of presenting us with yet another reason to engage our senses.


I suppose it was a natural evolution that I began writing about art in every form. It just seemed inevitable.”


Define your Flavor Profile (Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, Savory):  Savory. I mean who doesn’t love a dish that just nestles happily on your tongue?!


I like to eat: FOOD! If it’s edible, I’m willing to try it. Eating is an adventure after all!!


I like to cook food that is influenced by… creations steeped in cultural diversity, curiosity, and innovation.


My favorite dish to prepare at home is… I’m a fan of cooking breakfast. I love, and I do mean LOVE spicy! I have made eggs bathing in any sauce utilizing Serrano or habanero chili– (sauce I make with whatever is laying around) topped with chunky applewood smoked bacon (because there MUST be bacon) usually over brown rice toast or bagel (a secret is I rarely eat gluten) served with some kind of fresh berries (with a little bit of lemon juice, fresh mint, and honey). But then again, I also love a good pancake. And waffle. And … you do see where this is heading …


My favorite dish to eat at a restaurant is… Foie Gras! (Thanks a lot California. You just gave me a perfectly good excuse to go to France. And Spain.)


My favorite restaurant is… This is like asking me if I like oxygen. I have my favorites but never just one. Totally depends on how I’m feeling, what I’m craving, and how adventurous I am at that moment.


Sushi (and photo) by Dawn

Favorite Post/Dish I Ever Prepared (and link if you like): Sushi. I made hand rolled sushi using brown rice. Honestly it was SO good! (And yes, there was a little spice.) – Something about the time it took to make it just perfectly! After being in Japan many years ago, making hand rolled sushi was something I fantasized about. It was pretty intoxicating to do, I must admit. That said, the most fun and flavorful dish I ever made was an Indian dish using potatoes, zucchini, bay leaf and a TON of Southern Indian spices.  (See Dawn’s Gorgeous Food Pics Here)


The ingredient that can make all the difference in a dish… Habanero (I’m sensing a theme.)


The item that I always have in my refrigerator is… Udi’s bread.


The biggest influence in my cooking is… Spanish and Indian.


The Chef I want to have dinner with is… Andrés Dangond | Anthony Bourdain – both are equally intriguing! Total generational differences but both adventurous in their culinary creations


My favorite brick & mortar market is…  I really enjoyed Foreign & Domestic in Austin. Chef Ned Elliot hosted a tasting for me that was utterly divine.


My favorite online market is… I’m not one to purchase too many things online. I actually like the hunt for truly authentic stores, flavors, and ingredients. If I do, I’ve gotten my salts from www.gourmet-delights.com


My standby cookbook is…. Ya know, I’m not a gal to choose just one. I have a ton of them and I always mix it up (goes back to what I’m in the mood for … I’m always trying t be adventurous) but regardless of the cookbook, I usually amend the dish somehow to make it my own. (I know, I know…)


A cooking experience that I would like to try is… I once threw a tapas party and I blanched my own almonds, made traditional Spanish olives, made empanadillas (not empanadas) but I would LOVE to spend a fair amount of time learning how to make REAL tapas. They are beautiful, vibrant, so flavorful …  That said, when I stayed in a hut in the middle of the Belizian rainforest, a local tribe speared fish for us and prepared it in a mole sauce. Hands down – coolest experience ever! Might want to attempt going primal at some point in my life.
The place I want to travel just so I can eat is…. Spain, Vietnam, Thailand (can’t pick just one …)


I started my site because… I was dared to write a food review. The rest is history…


dawn garcia 2Favorite Spice:  Toss up between saffron and basil


Favorite beverage:  Beverage – I’d have to say hibiscus anything. Cocktail – vodka Martini, up, dirty with 3 blue cheese stuffed olives.


Favorite flower for the table:  Cymbidium orchids


Favorite music while cooking:  Anything I can move to but usually something soulful and sexy. When you feel sexy, you just cook sexy! Sam Cooke, Florence and the Machine, Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, Snow Patrol, honestly … if I can sing or dance to it, I’m VERY happy. That said, my favorite band of all time is one not even in my genre: The Beatles. Go figure.


Favorite wine:  Pinot Noir – I’m always searching for exquisite ones, I’ve had many so I can’t pick just one!


Favorite artisanal food: It’s actually quite simple. I love a good Charcuterie and Cheese Flight. It may not be too “artisanal” but cured meats made with flavor that soaks out with every bite, cheese that has been churned with love, there’s nothing like it.


Food Philosophy:  Food is expression. It takes everything we have stirring within and translates into every provocative bite. Food is so much more than an ingredient on a plate. It’s our connection to something more, the flavors and culmination of texture and taste all swirling around in this incredibly playful dance – it is the seamless forum where every culture is represented. Food, in my opinion, is the connective tissue uniting humanity. It can pause war, engage conversation, provoke thought or sensuality, make you crave things you never imagined. Food is art. Beautiful, wonderful, nature-giving art.


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