Whipped Chocolate Mint Martini

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Does the Drunken Goddess LOVE Hiram Walker’s new Whipped Cream Liqueur? 

Yes, she does and so do all of the Goddesses!

We love it even better in our new Martini – Whipped Chocolate Mint Martini!

You will love it in our new Whipped Chocolate Mint Martini too and don’t forget to shave the Green & Black Organic Mint Chocolate on top – it really is the extra oomph!

Happy Martini Monday!

Not only is Hiram Walker’s Whipped Cream a great addition to your bar for the upcoming Holiday Season but they are also having a nifty contest – Whip Things Up and get creative with a bottle of Whipped and submit it for a chance to win an iPad!

Whipped Chocolate Mint Martini Ingredients

1 part Hiram Walker Whipped Cream

1 part Espresso Vodka

1 part Bailey’s® Irish Cream

1 part Creme de Cocoa (dark)

1 bar of Mint Chocolate from Green & Black’s Organic


  • Add the Whipped Cream Liqueur, Espresso Vodka, Bailey’s® Irish Cream, and Creme de Cocoa to a martini shaker that is half filled with ice.
  • Shake vigorously until the shaker is frosty.
  • Pour into a martini glass.
  • Shave Mint Chocolate Green & Black Organic Chocolate on top of your martini.  Be Generous.
  • Drink your martini and eat the rest of the chocolate bar.  (Save some chocolate for the next round)

The Hungry Goddess was sent a bottle of Whipped Cream Hiram Walker and Chocolate Bars from Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate for review.  This in no way influenced our review – they are both awesome products!

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