Sunday Brunch at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

I knew I was in the right place when I walked into Yardbird Southern Table & Bar for a Saturday Brunch and saw the chalk pig over the kitchen:

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Yardbird delivered Pork and a fabulous brunch all served with a genuine smile from our server, Fran.  She was the icing on our Southern cake at Yardbird and really made our meal that much more enjoyable with her cheerful disposition.

And it was enjoyable … we bellied up to the Yardbird Southern Table and were not disappointed.  I had already spotted the pumpkin beignets before we even arrived and I knew I could not leave without trying them.  The Pumpkin Beignets are perfectly fried, rolled in sugar, plated on gorgeous strawberry jam and nestled up to a mound of real whipped cream – so easy to pop them in your mouth and fall in love.

Pumpkin Beignets at Yardbird, Yardbird Miami, Brunch in Miami

Pumpkin Beignets at Yardbird

We were assured that the grits – Adluh South Carolina stone ground cheesy corn grits – were not the glue-like grits that I had experienced before and they were correct.  Thanks to Yardbird, I am a FRESH GRITS CONVERT.  Pillows of fluffy yellow, cheesy (did I mention fluffy!!?) grits … with real flavor.  I couldn’t get enough!

The Healthy Goddess actually grew up eating Southern food and agreed that these grits were completely unlike any grits she had ever experienced.  ”I never had fresh grits before and now I want them again.  This was my favorite dish of the visit!”

Adluh Cheesy Grits from Yardbird in Miami

My head was spinning when they set down the BLT Benedict Cast Iron Casserole with a Buttermilk biscuit crumble, soft poached organic egg, house cured bacon, cherry tomato salad, frisée, and Hollandaise.  The biscuit was hearty enough to hold up to the perfectly poached egg and handle the Hollandaise but the mindblower in this dish is the BACON.  I didn’t lick the skillet but I really wanted to.  I did mix some of those awesome grits in and WOW … it was like stupendous Southern overload.  Usually the salad with this kind of dish is just decoration but I ate it all – the light dressing was perfect on the tomatoes and frisee and complemented the heavier BLT Benedict exactly.

BLT Benedict Casserole at Yardbird in Miami, brunch in miami

Bev with her Healthy Goddess eyebrow raised was watching me do the Hungry Goddess slurp through the BLT Benedict Casserole.  She was munching on her choice of the Morning Quiche with melted leeks, grilled corn, slow roasted tomatoes, butter beans, goat cheese and flaky pie dough.  Her thoughts on the quiche: “The quiche really had a remarkable texture – creamy but still solid enough to handle the goodies inside.  I did wish for more goodies but the flaky crust and overall flavor of the quiche was really good.”

The quiche was paired with a lovely salad and a light, tasty vinaigrette.

Morning Quiche at Yardbird in Miami

The Piece de Resistance of the visit was the Fried Green Tomato BLT – Heritage Acres Farm pork belly, greens, fried green tomatoes, tomato jam, and house made pimento cheese.  I have had fried green tomatoes before but I have NEVER had anything that even resembled this incredibly delectable tower of flavor.  Bev and I both remarked on the light breading that still had a satisfying crunch, the flavorful house made pimento cheese which was mixed with farmer’s cheese and the surprising tomato jam that just elevated the whole dish.  The pork belly on top was yet another example of the excellent grip that Yardbird has on their pork – cooked to our savory delight and just heavenly when you get a whole bite of each layer.

Fried Green Tomato BLT at Yardbird in Miami

 PHEW.  Roll me out of there in a wheelbarrow.  Evan, the Front of House Manager was making his rounds and checking on guests and we were tickled to meet him and share our wonderful experience.  You can have good food all day but a staff that is pleasant and takes such good care is something special and that was very apparent at Yardbird.  Thank you to Evan and Fran taking such good care of us!

Can you believe we did not have the chicken??  After all that, I could not stuff one more bit but now I have the perfect excuse to go back again for dinner.  Plus, Chef Jeff McInnis was not in the kitchen when we were there because he had been hosting his special Midnight Chef’s Table Series the night before – this is on my list TO-DO in the next few weeks – check it out every Friday night at Yardbird!

Run Chicken Run – that is what we will be doing ASAP so we can have more luscious food and great service at Yardbird!  Catch me if you can – the bacon would be great bait.

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