Shocolaate Flavor Profile – Cristina Vives & Diana Pace

It is no secret that The Hungry Goddess loves chocolate.

Chocolate is a food group in my life and one of the most satisfying sources for my chocolate is Shocolaate.  This amazing company that specializes in freshly made truffles and chocolate treats is the luscious creation of mother-daughter team Diana Pace and Cristina Vives – heretoforafter to be known as The GANACHE GODDESSES.  Because they are.  And because the level of quality combined with the creativity of their truffles is outstanding.  Holidays, Weddings, Corporate Events and Gifting – you cannot go wrong with any of the uniquely crafted items at Shocolaate.

You will see the Shocolaate Goddesses on #HGEATS but we really wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know them a bit better …

Brief Bio from Shocolaate: We are a mother-daughter team who are truly passionate about the art of chocolate making. Shocolaate (Show-ko-latt) specializes in unique, freshly made truffles and chocolate treats. We use the highest quality CACAO BARRY chocolate to ensure a smooth texture and sensational taste, producing delectable, elegant chocolates for any occasion. CACAO BARRY is renowned for its vision of the chocolate-maker’s craft as an art form leading to the production and sale of the finest grade chocolate in the world. I never want to mask the chocolate’s true essence, instead I try to compliment the chocolate’s finer notes when creating the confections.

Cristina Vives, our Chocolatier, and Diana Pace, our Creative Designer, have mastered the Shocolaate art of handmade chocolates. Rich Belgian chocolate is melted down into a smooth consistency. Heavy cream is added and liqueur upon your request, to make the ganache in our truffles tastes its best! Once the rich ganache is set, we hand-roll the truffles, and dip them into even more chocolate, creating a lovely shell around the ganache. Our truffles then start to take on their unique personalities as they are covered in chocolate shavings, cocoa or nuts and decorated with pearls and other lovely adornments. Sweet symphonies of chocolate fused with favorite crunches, these treats are available by the singles or bunches! Shocolaate…a celebration in taste, artistry and etiquette!

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Check out all of their divine offerings on the Shocolaate Website


Define your Flavor Profile (Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, Savory): Savory

I like to eat… Sushi/Sashimi

I like to cook food that is influenced by… My style of cooking is a mix of Latin/Asian/Caribbean. It’s always different because I alter my dishes according to what I have in the fridge.

My favorite dish to prepare at home is… Ajicao. It’s a Colombian soup with a broth base filled with garlic, onions, chicken, yucca, corn on the cob, carrots, lots of cilantro, yellow potatoes, and a a few other things. That is my version. The classic version is a bit simpler and is eaten with fluffy white rice and sliced avocados.

My favorite dish to eat at a restaurant is… Assuming we’re talking about a place with fresh seafood.. My favorite dish to order would be some sort of fish ordered whole with a citrusy spring salad and fresh cut French fries.

My favorite restaurant is… Echo Palm Beach, Zuma Miami, CG Burgers

Favorite Post/Dish I Ever Prepared… Chicken and Shrimp Chop Suey

The ingredient that can make all the difference in a dish… Lime/Cilantro

The item that I always have in my refrigerator is… Tough question but I’d have to say some sort of artisan hot sauce. 

The biggest influence in my cooking is… I’m inspired by colorful dishes.

The Chef I want to have dinner with is… She is one of my biggest role models. In the same business as me and she travels the world through chocolate. Katrina Markoff.

My favorite brick & mortar market is…  Carmines Gourmet Market in Palm Beach Gardens or Amici Palm Beach

My favorite online market is… Dean & Deluca (

My standby cookbook is…. Google . I just use recipes for inspiration. Never follow them to a tee.

The place I want to travel just so I can eat is…. Napa Valley, 3 words… The French Laundry. I would say it’s probably the epitome of a culinarian’s drea

I started my blog because… Because Twitter limits me on what I have to say!! And because it’s not like Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest where you see things because they are in your feed and it’s obligatory that you see. You go to someone’s blog because you CHOOSE to go there and read what they have to say.

Favorite Spice:  Cumin

Favorite beverage:  Usually it’s Iced Tea, but since I’m on a 21 Day Detox and can’t drink caffeine, it’s Lemon/Lime/Cucumber/Orange infused water.

Favorite flower for the table:  Calla Lillies, orchids, white roses

Favorite music while cooking:  Pandora Adele Station! I never get tired of her.

Favorite wine:  Wild Horse Pinot Noir

Favorite artisanal food: Charcuterie plates, truffle salts and oils, artisan breads baked with herbs, and chocolate hazelnut spreads.

Food Philosophy:  Be open, be creative, be inspired. Love your food and it will love you back.

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  1. beverly says:

    This beautiful duo is FIRST CLASS on every level! I have collaborated with them on several projects and they were outstanding. Now the truffles …. were out of this world! Did I mention I’m a proud chocoholic?! That did not cloud my judgement.
    beverly recently posted..#HGEATS Raw Food Fest Wed 8/15 at 12nMy Profile

  2. Diana says:

    Thank you so very much Goddesses for this outstanding article! LOVE! xx Shocolaategirls

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