Mimi’s Ravioli in Hollywood, Florida Tastes Like Home

Mimi's Ravioli in Hollywood Florida

Mimi’s Ravioli in Hollywood tastes like home to me.  After growing up in Northern Delaware with a thriving Little Italy community and neighborhoods plus having access to the Italian culture of South Philadelphia, Italian food and cooking is in my blood through osmosis.  Italian dishes cooked by my Mom and family friends who were part of my life from birth formed a strong bond for me for the Italian food culture.

This weekend, I had the chance to get down to Hollywood and actually shop at Mimi’s and explore their jam-packed market.  Fresh pasta, bread, cheese, sausage; an array of prepared foods; baked goods to make you weep; made-to-order pizza made in their new brick oven (REAL Sicilian pizza); a multitude of Italian oils, sauces, condiments, gourmet products; and a busy counter dispensing orders in rapid fire succession all overseen by the owner, Linda Billisi who is handling customers at the counter in a fast patter of English, Spanish and Italian.

Linda Billisi Owner of Mimi's Ravioli

Linda Billisi – Owner of Mimi’s Ravioli

HOME.  It felt like home, smelled like home and when you eat their food it tastes like HOME – it is home cooking direct from Mimi’s kitchen to yours – nothing pretentious in between.

I may not eat pasta very often anymore in my attempts to eat about 80% gluten free, but one exception that I happily make is for Mimi’s Raviolis– I buy them frozen at several of the markets in Delray Beach (The Boys Market carries a great selection) or my parents pick them up when they are down near the Hollywood location of Mimi’s.  My family has been eating Mimi’s pasta products since we moved to South Florida over 20 years ago – Mimi’s has been in business over 40 years!  Manicotti, cannelloni, stuffed shells, tortelloni – all wonderful.

Mimi's Ravioli in Hollywood, Florida

A dab of sauce is all that is needed for the plump pillows because the pasta and fillings are SO flavorful – there are so many selections:  Black truffle and porcini mushrooms (one of my purchases), butternut squash, artichoke and pesto, goat cheese, eggplant and tofu, pumpkin, lobster, Mascarpone and more.

Their homemade Mozzarella cheese is the best I have ever had.  The texture, the flavor (and yes, it has a smooth and creamy FLAVOR) it is simply THE BEST- and accompanies the bread and pastas perfectly.

As I scooped my purchases and brought them to the counter, Linda eyed what I was buying – she asked if I needed sauce and then she spied the multi-purpose gluten free flour that I was buying so I could try it for pizza dough.  She asks me if I have seen their gluten free pastas and my jaw dropped – Mimi’s is making Gluten Free?!?

YES … YES … Mimi’s is now making GLUTEN FREE RAVIOLI and PASTA and COOKIES …  I will be cooking them this week and reporting back!

No longer will I be buying my Mimi’s up here in Delray – I am addicted to the market now so I can go down and really experience all of the amazing foods that Mimi’s offers.  It is worth the drive and the time and it brings me a little slice of home.  And that pizza … I have to have some of that pizza.

Mimi’s Main Site

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Mimis Ravioli in Hollywood Florida

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  1. George M. Allman says:

    Hola Goddess,

    My wife and I moved to Pompano Beach last year from Philadelphia. Once we found Mimi’s, we have been going once a month. We actually had a groupon for Gino’s across the street; that’s have we found Mimi’s.

    610 945 7561

    • Kimberly Moore - The Hungry Goddess Herself says:

      HI George! I am soooooo delighted! I am originally from Delaware so I am SO glad you found Mimi’s! What was your fave?

  2. George M. Allman says:


    Better late than never. Almond cookies, pizza (we always buy two), ravioli, grated cheeses, pastries, everything…


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