Brunch at Barceloneta in South Beach, Miami

Barceloneta Restaurant Review South Beach MiamiWe convened for brunch at Barceloneta on the recommendation and in the company of Eleanor Hoh, Wok Star and Miami Food Blogger – I want to state for the record that I will follow Eleanor ANYWHERE to eat – her choice was flawless!

Barceloneta is one of the Pubbelly-owned restaurants and the brainchild of Partner and Executive Chef Juliana Gonzales who we had the delight of meeting.  I would also mention that Chef Juliana was a runner-up in the James Beard Awards for 2012 for best Chef in the South – her energy and smile is contagious and her food is glorious.

chef juliana gonzalez Barceloneta Restaurant Review South Beach Miami

Barceloneta is a place where I would eat every week if I lived nearby.  A standing brunch, lunch, dinner appointment would suit me and my tummy.

It is warm & friendly, a bit noisy, full of light and delivers an amazing range of tapas-like dishes to entertain your palate. I am still craving the Catalan sausage that they create in-house.  And the shishito peppers.  And the beet salad.  I may have to move to South Beach just so I can eat there more often.  The prices are just what you would expect and the quality was high enough that I did even second glance the check.

chef juliana gonzalez Barceloneta Restaurant Review South Beach Miami

Service was cheerful and attentive – our dishes came out quickly but not so quickly that we could not enjoy the progression.  Approach your experience at Barceloneta like tapas – dishes to share – the three of us munched our way through four dishes in the center of the table and it was just right.

The shishito peppers with candied walnuts and valdeon sauce (blue cheese) is unique and addictive – the peppers are sweet and mild and sprinkled with candied walnuts with the valdeon sauce at the bottom of the plate.  Did I mention that they are addictive?

Shishido Peppers chef juliana gonzalez Barceloneta Restaurant Review South Beach Miami

The ensalada de remolacha – beet salad was gorgeous to behold and even better to eat.  A slightly creamy dressing and some crunch to make it interesting.  The beets offset the peppers perfectly.

Beet salad Barceloneta Restaurant Review South Beach Miami

It cannot be brunch in my world without Eggs Benedict but the twist on traditional Eggs Benedict at Barceloneta was exactly right – Potato Roll, Pork Belly, Serrano Ham, Hollandaise Sauce, & a Poached Organic Egg.  I would like to have had more of the pork belly but I am greedy that way.

Eggs Benedict Barceloneta Restaurant Review South Beach Miami

The Piece de Resistance … the dish that BLEW ME AWAY … the food that siren calls in my head was the Alubias con Botifarra:  housemade Catalan Sausage with white beans, roasted peppers and a an organic poached egg – the only thing that I wished for was some toast to scoop it all up like a heathen.  The pork sausage was superb and then paired with the beans … heaven.

Catalan Sausage with White Beans Barceloneta Restaurant Review South Beach Miami

Let me wrap this up easily for you – Barceloneta is one of those MUST GO places.  Go by yourself, take your friends, go on a date – JUST GO.  In the Miami world of good food, Barceloneta is something special – it is truly GREAT.


1400 20th street  Miami Beach, Florida 33139


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