#HGEATS Edibles – Luck of the Irish Recipes to Share

The #HGEATS Luck of the Irish chat on Wednesday was full of lively leprechauns (some that are full-time leprechauns and some that are part-time) and lots of great ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration or a Go Green meal.

Every week brings us fun new tweeps and our old friends that we look forward to seeing at each #HGEATS!

From the Hungry Goddess and the Healthy Goddess, we decided to give away two copies of the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook since green eggs seemed completely in line with St. Patrick’s Day – Congratulations to our Winners @TammySigond and @BakeUpLilSuzy!!

Future #HGEATS Teaser … there will be more cookbook giveaways coming!  After all – who doesn’t need more cookbooks???

What did we learn during our #HGEATS Luck of the Irish Chat?  Well, we definitely know that we have a crowd that is completely at home in an Irish Pub ….

QUESTION 4 You walk into an Irish Pub and..

@seabestseafood: You order fish and chips? 🙂

@themartinidiva: A4 You walk into an Irish Pub and you are immediately Irish!

@boston_bakes: Order a Magner’s Irish cider! I dislike the taste of Guinness!

@celticsongs: 4. …and know at least half of everyone there by name. #HGEATS

@BeverlyPipes: A4 You walk into an Irish Pub and sit next to a priest at the bar who says did you hear about the pro golfer who died & … #HGEATS

Thank to @TheMartiniDiva for a song to accompany hoisting our pints!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @RuthTaitPhotos who joined #HGEATS for the first time this week and is a St. Patrick’s Day baby!

We were also thrilled to meet Raven from @CelticSongs who is a Celtic Musician and a member of The Sandcarvers – need some music for St. Patrick’s Day or any day?  I LOVE THEIR SOUND – please check out their website!

Another awesome week!

Now for the cooking side of things … we love featuring the links from the #HGEATS chat every week with our #HGEATS Edibles so make sure that you scroll through the whole list of 28+ Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day below AND you can also share some of the recipes from our Luck of the Irish Pinterest Board!

See you next Wednesday for Eat Spring #HGEATS Twitter Chat on Wednesday, March 21 at 12noon eastern!



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