#HGEATS is Creating a Fennel Frenzy! Wed 2/22 12n est

#HGEATS is creating a Fennel Frenzy this week!  We have a VERY special, Fennel-full Sponsor – Pollen Ranch (@PollenRanch) and we will also be joined by guest co-host Fennel Friday (@FennelFriday)!  The Hungry Goddess is a supporter and participant in #FennelFriday on twitter!

From stem to bulb, fennel pollen to fennel oil – Fennel not only enhances your culinary and gastronomic experiences but has health benefits as well.

Fennel tastes amazing!  Fennel is a versatile and aromatic addition to any dish and the uses of fennel are virtually endless.  And Fennel Pollen – like the amazing hand collected wild fennel pollen from Pollen Ranch?  Elevates your dishes and infuses all that is aromatic and delicious about fennel into your dishes!

Fennel is good for you!  Fennel provides an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. It is also contains folic acid and phosphorous, iron, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, and manganese.  The vitamin C from the bulb of the plant is antibacterial and very useful to the immune system. The fiber from fennel helps reduce the cholesterol level and can prevent intestinal cancer owing to the fact that it eliminates toxins and cancerous substances from the intestines. Fennel is also rich in potassium – an essential mineral which helps decrease the high blood pressure that can cause a heart attack.

Are you feeling Fennel-Frenzied yet?

Pollen Ranch will be giving away a $75 Gift Certificate to shop on their site and try some of their incredible products!  You must be in attendance at the #HGEATS twitter chat to win – a random winner will be chosen at the end of #HGEATS!)

All you need to participate is a free Twitter account!

Hostesses: @HungryGoddess   @HGEATS

Special Co-Host:  @PollenRanch  and @FennelFriday

What: The Hungry Goddess Eats Food Twitter Chat

Topic:  Fennel Frenzy

When: 12noon – 1pm eastern Wednesday February 22, 2012

Where: #HGEATS hashtag on Twitter

How:  TweetchatHootsuite, and Tweetgrid are the tools we suggest to optimize your twitter chat experience

Join us Wednesday and Bring your Fennel Recipes!

More About Pollen Ranch:

David Rebb Firman (owner of Pollen Ranch), an avid reader, came across a San Francisco Chronicle food article by Peggy Knickerbocker, describing fennel pollen as “the spice that angels sprinkle on their wings.” Back then, in 1999, fennel pollen was almost exclusively used by the Italians.

Rebb was already in the agriculture side of pollen collection — helping crops become more fruitful by adding pollen – a skill learned from his grandmother, Mina Firman.  He collects pollen of almonds, avocados, cherry, kiwi, pistachio and plum to name a few, and has developed ways of spreading it in orchards.

Rebb knew exactly where to find beautiful fennel growing wild, how to collect it, store it, clean it and extract its essence.  So he began to do just that.

Chefs and gourmets in the Bay area delighted in the flavor, aroma, and characteristics of pure wild-crafted fennel pollen. Business quickly expanded from Northern California to the West Coast, to key wholesalers and distributors, and thanks to the internet and international travel, throughout the world.

Pollen Ranch is now the largest producer of wild-crafted pure fennel pollen, and the worlds first supplier of dill pollen.


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