18 Ways to Use Butter in Honor of #HGEATS Butter Bowl 2012

The Hungry Goddess is serious about butter.  Compounding Butter is on my Foodie Bucket List for this year – I want to create some wild combos.  I love to use butter and REAL butter is an integral component to many of my favorite recipes and sauces.

My earliest memory of butter was sitting in my Grandmother’s kitchen with my Great-Grandfather while my Grandmother was cooking dinner.  I was about two years old.  As she was busy over the stove, he would wink, grin, and then stick his finger into the soft butter on the table and then into the sugar bowl and pop his finger into his mouth.  Then he would motion for me to do it.  My exasperated Grandmother would turn to see both of us giggling and multiple finger holes in her butter stick.  I apparently come by my love for butter honestly.

For the #HGEATS Butter Bowl 2012 – we want you to celebrate and be inspired by our guest of honor – BUTTER!

The Hungry Goddess has compiled a list allllll about Butter and 18 Ways to Use Butter … glorious!  There are two pages of the list so use the arrows at the bottom to navigate. And bring your best butter links to share at #HGEATS!

I will see all the Butter Lovers on Wednesday at 12noon est at #HGEATS … Butter Bowl 2012!  Who needs football!?



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