#HGEATS Welcomes Eleanor Hoh – Cook Like a Wok Star for Chinese New Year!

We cannot have a Chinese New Year without a WOK and there is only one place that The Hungry Goddess would go for a very special Wok – to Eleanor Hoh – THE WOK STAR!

Eleanor is a Creative and Culinary Goddess from Miami, Florida.  She is a cooking teacher, blogger and presenter and puts aspiring Wok Stars on the path to success with her My NO-RECIPE, NO-MEASURING, NO-CALORIE COUNTING technique for one-dish dinners that use a few fresh ingredients and only 4 seasonings!

The Hungry Goddess is thrilled to welcome Eleanor as a Co-Sponsor of the #HGEATS Year of the Dragon Chat – get ready to party like a Wok Star!  (I just had to say that)

Perfect for the Chinese New Year & Easy – Chinese New Year Stir Fry with curly kale and oyster mushrooms – YUM!

Check out her Easy Festive Side recipe that is perfect for any holiday, as well as the Chinese New Year and more selections from Previous Chinese New Year meals.

Make this a Year of the Dragon Resolution – Be a Wok Star TOO – Get your Wok Star Kit and start cooking right away!

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  1. Eleanor Hoh says:

    I like to say Chinese New Year runs all year, so never too late to thank you for this lovely feature.

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