#HGEATS Round Up- Winter Comfort Foods

Comfort food was abounding at the Winter Comfort Foods #HGEATS.  The Hungry Goddess would NOT starve if she were snowbound with any of the awesome tweeps at #HGEATS – some of these recipes may become repeat recipes in your house!


QUESTION 1 – I say WINTER COMFORT FOOD and you say … (fill in the blank)

Seafood Stew or Shrimp Mac n Cheese!  @SeabestSeafood

Looks Delish! Seafood Cioppino! @CertifiedSteak

Soup = Winter Comfort! Here are my faves: Thai Soup and Tuscan White Bean. @nella22

Mine is what I’m making tonight: pumpkin muffins, butternut squash soup, cheddar/pepperjack noodles! @FictionOneForty

YUMM! Recipe for Beer Cheese Soup. It was awesome!@KitchyCooker

Great Recipe! Cod stew sounds amazing…yum!@EuclidFishCo

Talk about comfort foods! Bisque with Apple Dumplings.   @atasteofdawn

QUESTION 2 – Soup is on – What is the best accompaniment to your bowl of soup?

My fave combo right now is Beef Barley Soup with corned beef and veg cream cheese on an onion bagel. YUMMM! @cookingwcaitlin

Gazpacho, use the BEST vinegar, salt + EVOO you can find. @exceptionalfood

Loaded potato soup with a small side sandwich of creamy chicken with chopped almonds and parsley! @vita_literature

We like to serve up a garlicky Caesar Salad with plenty of Sauvignon Blanc with our soup @WhiteOakWinery

Some sort of bread — I like Cheesy Onion Popovers or a hearty bread, like sourdough. @FictionOneForty

Warm bread and a crisp salad! Corn bread for chilis, French for others and love a spinach salad any time. @themartinidiva


Nothing like some delicious Rum Cake!@CertifiedSteak

Recipe for each; the bread pudding and sauce. A very comforting dessert is Bread Pudding w/ Whiskey or Rum Sauce. @themartinidiva

We can’t wait! Poached Pears in HOT CHOCOLATE! Stay tuned, I made this a week ago and will be blogging about it soon! @nella22

*Imagining*….*Drooling* Guys, can you imagine this banana bread with ice cream? @LovelyPantry

Oooh La La! Apple glazed cinnamon sponge cake. I’ve been told this is great for cold weather, even with the icecream involved!@vita_literature

Vanilla Citrus Cake with Chocolate Orange Butter Frosting, Agreed! Thanks for the recipe @Stateofcake That looks amazing! I’m so making this. @bakeuplilsuzy

My Mom’s Gingersnaps were the BEST comfort dessert of all @themartinidiva

Pumpkin Cake w cream cheese frosting and a drizzle of dark chocolate. @shocolaategirl

QUESTION 4 – BEST/FAVE Winter Comfort Beverage?

OMG OMG OMG! I”M SO HAPPY FOR THIS QUESTION!! Baileys and Cuban coffee made by @luxtravelErika!! Nothing better.@shocolaategirl

I love warming up to a cup of @jacquestorres hot chocolate. @deecuisine

MMM chocolate martinis, even an Almond Joy martini Oh My! Any martini of my choice at Happy Hour – which is why I do Designer Martinis to fit my mood. @themartinidiva

Woowee Spicy Mexican Hot Cocoa! Spice it up with Hot Cocoa! Dutch Process Cocoa Powder pairs with Bhut Jolokia Peppers & Ancho Chile Powder. @myspicesage

QUESTION 5 – One Winter Ingredient You cannot Live/Cook Without?

For mulling spices, I use @MySpiceSage‘s Spice Pack!And I’ll be honest, sometimes I just simmer some mulling spices in water! Helps create steam and my skin loves it!@nella22

I always love to use Rosemary in the winter! Think Rosemary and seasalt coated lamb chops with olive oil !! TO DIE FOR!! @shocolaategirl

Besides a succulent bone-in steak you mean? It’d have to be Broccoli 🙂 @CertifiedSteak

Duck confit? Risotto? Truffles? Escargots? Cannot pick just 1. @exceptionalfood

Apples! They’re great in sweet or sweet or savory dishes. Best thinly sliced into a grilled cheese sandwich. @bakeuplilsuzy

Join us next week, Jan 18th Wed 12n est. for #HGEATS Year of the Dragon foodie chat.

Bring your appetites and recipes!



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