#HGEATS Chat Eat More Quinoa! January 25 at 12noon

Are you ready to chat Ancient Grains?  

The Quinoa Goddess is coming to visit and her mantra is Eat More Quinoa!

Quinoa is becoming more popular and is available outside of specialty stores now but many people are still puzzled about what to do with it or even what it is – We are here to help!

Quinoa makes a daily appearance in the Hungry Goddess kitchen thanks to the Healthy Goddess!  The versatility and health benefits of quinoa have inspired us to create delicious dishes and find more ways to use it we are ready to share Quinoa Recipes, Quinoa Benefits and explore what was called “The Mother Grain” by the Incans.

Read our Quinoa Goddess Page for more information on Quinoa and the benefits and JOIN US on Wednesday, January 25 at 12noon eastern to talk Ancient Grains!

Bring your recipes and don’t forget to eat before the chat … otherwise you might be as hungry as The Hungry Goddess!

All you need to participate is a free Twitter account!

Hostesses: @HungryGoddess   @HGEATS

Special Co-Host:  @Healthy_Goddess

What: The Hungry Goddess Eats Food Twitter Chat

Topic:  Year of the Dragon

When: 12noon – 1pm eastern Wednesday January 18, 2012

Where: #HGEATS hashtag on Twitter

How:  TweetchatHootsuite, and Tweetgrid are the tools we suggest to optimize your twitter chat experience

Join the Hungry Goddess Eats Chat Facebook Group and interact all week with the awesome Foodies from #HGEATS!


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  1. Casey Ellis says:

    Yay! I love quinoa. Looking forward to this on Wednesday.

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