Alice Waters – The Art of Simple Food

As I was prepping the Lentil Salad Recipe from Alice Waters and thinking about her truly amazing influence on the way we eat and approach food, I decided to choose The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters as an Amuse-Bouche … truly it is a delight for everything, not just our mouths!

The book is a treasure trove of cooking techniques and core culinary principles with more than 200 recipes.

You will find sauces, pastas, breads and grains, vegetables, seafood, poultry, and desserts, as well as familiar dishes like mashed potatoes and Provençal-style fish soup with Rouille.  Simple Food is the perfect primer for someone beginning to explore the kitchen and cooked or for the seasoned gourmand who is returning to basics.

Paging through the book and reading bits is enough to get you excited to get into the kitchen and engage with your food!


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