Breakfast in Bed – Chocolate and Banana Crepes

This week is Celebrate Chocolate Week on the Hungry Goddess and to start the week out right, of course, we need Breakfast in Bed and we need chocolate to be part of that breakfast!

How do we accomplish chocolate for breakfast?  With crepes – chocolate and banana crepes … bananas and whipped cream wrapped in light and fluffy crepes and then liberally doused with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips … chocolate nirvana!

When I lived in London, there was a crepe cart in Hampstead Village that was like a siren call to the chocoholic living within me.  On winter mornings, I would climb out of my toasty bed and walk up the hill to have steaming espresso and a decadent chocolate and banana crepe.  Thankfully, I could roll back down the hill.

For crepe-making expertise, the Hungry Goddess will refer you to David Lebovitz’s Buckwheat Crepe recipe and tutorial – after all, crepes are french so they do them best and Mr. Lebovitz would know, n’est-ce pas?

Paula Deen also has a chocolate and banana crepe recipe using hazelnut spread on the interior of the crepe.  I love Paula Deen but while hazelnut spread will do in a pinch, I want chocolate for real.

And real chocolate is what Gimme Some Oven gives us with her Chocolate Banana Crepes recipe … now THIS is what I am talking about …

Chocolate Banana Crepes from Gimme Some Oven

After that recipe, is there really anything else to say?

Have a glorious morning in bed, Lovelies!

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