Colombian Truffle from Shocolaate

Since Sundays are Breakfast in Bed days, the Hungry Goddess wants to make sure that you enjoy the most optimal Breakfast in Bed experience that you can so our Amuse-Bouche today is geared towards that goal.
Optimal AND Amuse-Bouche means Shocolaate – the TOP choice for the Hungry Goddess when chocolate is a must-do (daily).
So for today, after you have the Potato and Chorizo Frittata, we invite you to optimize your experience with a Colombian Truffle from Shocolaate… infused with Colombian coffee, cinnamon, and coffee liquor … oh yes, Darlings – you will want to order a BIG box of those.

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  1. […] As a final treat and because you deserve it, have something sweet on hand – we recommend our Amuse-Bouche for today – the Colombian Truffle from Shocolaate!   Breakfast in Bed Menu:   […]

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